A little bit about who we are...

Sapinho Câmbios Especiais means “Little Frog” Special Gears
The company was born when Sérgio “Sapinho” Ganga - drag racer, who was sick of gear breaking issues at the time, met João “tiozinho” Tasso – mechanic engineer, owner of a metallurgical company and motorsport passionate.
A need met a solution, they started developing projects to make a better and stronger product than OEM . João produced and Sérgio tested it. Good parts were made and quickly the word had spread, other racers started to ask about it, and one’s need became a business.
In 2006, we had the grand opening of our very own building, a workshop / store. Our initial focus and main product to this day are gears, and our biggest market is our nationals VW - ”AP” , but our product line is on constant expansion and our product projects are always evolving. We now offer other transmission parts as differential, crown and wheel, transmission axle, engine main girdle reinforcement, gasket and ring, bolts, services as machining engine, gearbox and assembling, compatible to VW 02a02j, GM- Opel F18, Clark 260F and as many other parts and models that you can check on our catalogue.

We are the biggest national company at the segment with over 5000 customers attended in the last 4 years and over 8100 gear sets sold within 5 years.
We've started selling overseas since September 2013.
We put our hearts, do our best and put maximum effort in our work and products, we are very passionate about drag racing, and we feel very honored and happy with all the success, results and feedback. For every foreign customer who purchase with us, we’d like to be there, at their side, to assist even more, assembling their cars, giving tips about how to improve and achieve the next level.


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